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We love science: Our Drawn to Science video series from pRED

One of my favorite things at work in the last few months is Roche’s Drawn to Science series.

The videos are produced by Simona Ceccarelli, a scientist and artist, working in pRED (Roche Pharma Research and Early Development).

I’m proud of Simona’s talent, but also the many scientists and communicators who work on producing the series. It’s impressive how they can explain complex scientific concepts in a fun, engaging way.

Here are the first five videos in the series — with more to come soon. Enjoy and share them with your friends who love science and learning.

Drawn to Science: Target identification in drug discovery

Drawn to Science: Stem cells in research

Drawn to Science: HBV virus – the little big enemy

Drawn to Science: Zebrafish – a new model for drug discovery

Drawn to Science: The glycosylation of antibodies

Getting attention by looking homemade

Christina Aguilera is trying to break through with her latest music video. Interesting that the video looks homemade. It starts with a few tweets and includes many scenes that appear not to be well-lit or highly produced. There are a few shots of Christina that go behind the scenes, showing you how the video was made. Very different from most music videos being produced today, which is exactly why it’s getting attention.

There’s a big opportunity for more entertainers and companies to break through the clutter of content with videos that feel more genuine.

Creativity abounds: It just needs focus, energy and space to flourish

Take a bunch of crazy, creative, innovative, beautiful, talented New Yorkers. Put them in an inspiring art space. Stir in lot of Jay Z. And you get: Magic.


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